Agentura práce

Automotive industry

mechanics, bodymen, production line operators, car-electricians, production and assembly of cable harnesses, production line operators and assistive work, ..

Production line operators

Production line operators, assistive workers, assemblers, machine and device operators, production and assembly of cable harnesses, loading and unloading of goods.

Engineering, metal production and metallurgy

Adjusters of CNC machines, welders CO2, founders, metallurgist, millers, turners, constructors, crane operators, painters, locksmiths

Electrical industry

Electricians, electro-mechanics, electronics, operation of power equipment, repairers, assembly of cable harnesses, fork lift drivers

Transport, forwarding, logistic

Truck drivers, bus drivers, forwarders, couriers, managing clerks of logistic, fork lift drivers, loading and unloading trucks

Food industry

Butchers, bakers, confectioners, production line operators, slaughterhouse operators, food gatherers, loading and unloading of goods