Automotive industry

Our company works closely with large development companies such as Skoda Auto, a.s., as well as with its subcontractors as Recticel Interiors, a.s., which produces surfaces of instrument panels, door panels and other interior automotive parts, Proseat Mladá Boleslav, s.r.o., whose work focuses on the production of polyurethane fittings, Rubena, a.s., producing bicycle tires, bicycle tubes, belts, rubber compounds, sealing elements, air suspension, power elements etc. LITRA Company s.r.o., one of the leading European supplier of logistic services related to transport cars and trucks.

The main jobs that we are able to occupy in their respective fields include:

  • mechanics, tinsmith
  • auto-electricians
  • auto-mechanics
  • electro-mechanics
  • painters and tinsmith
  • maintenance man
  • assembly workers
  • workers
  • production line operators
  • machine operators
  • production and assembly of cable harnesses
  • forklift drivers
  • welders CO2

For our services we provide a contractual guarantee. Each worker placed by us is in the withdrawal period after he starts working at the client. If the cooperation between a client and our employee terminates during the withdrawal for any reason, our job agency will ensure a new employee automatically and without compensation. The withdrawal period and other conditions of the guarantee are negotiated individually with the client. Depending on the current labor market conditions, we are able to occupy your desired job already in 5-10 business days.