Engineering, metal production and metallurgy

All of our job seekers go through a narrow selection procedure because we want to deliver only those employees, who are trained in their field, with years of experience, so they can provide quality and reliable job to our potential clients.

 Companies, that we work closely with: ČKD Kutna Hora, a.s.., is a manufacturer of steel castings and ductile iron castings, welded components and of railway bogies, Unex, a.s.., specializes in the manufacture, assembly and modernization of bucket wheel excavators of its own brand for mining. They also produce large welded steel structures. Korekt CZ, s.r.o.., production of metal structures, bodies and containers, Abydos, s.r.o.., provides surface treatment and coating of metals, BOMBARDIER, produces welded components in the Czech Republic for regional and commuter trains,. light rail vehicles and high-speed trains. Důlní strojírenská společnost, s.r.o.., engaging in the production of steel and fasteners, earth moving machines, line conveyors etc. Legios, a.s.., production of rail vehicles, turntables, track machines and assembly mechanisms

The main jobs that we are able to occupy in their respective fields include:

  • CNC machines adjusters
  • locksmiths
  • millers, turners
  • machinists
  • grinders
  • conctructors
  • crane operators
  • painters, varnishers
  • plumbers
  • assemblers, workers
  • production line operators
  • forklift drivers
  • basic course / state exam
  • 111 - el. Arc covered electrode
  • 135 - el. Arc melting electrode (MAG)
  • 141 - el. non-consumable tungsten arc el. (WIG)
  • 311 - State examination by flame

For our services we provide a contractual guarantee. Each worker placed by us is int he withdrawal period after he starts working at the client. If the cooperation between a client and our employee terminates during the withdrawal for any reason, our job agency will ensure a new employee automatically and without compensation. The withdrawal period and other conditions of the guarantee are negotiated individually with the client. Depending on the current labor market conditions, we are able to occupy your desired job already in 5-10 business days.