Food industry

Food industry

Food is an industrial and agricultural production branch that deals with the processing of animal or vegetable raw material for food production. These production processes require strict adherence to hygiene standards and regulation, so all of our job seekers have to go through strict medical examination and narrow selection procedure because we want to deliver only those employees, who are trained in their field, with years of experience, so they can provide quality and reliable job to our potential clients.

Companies that we work closely with: Nova, a.s., which produces mainly canned fruits, vegetables and fish. Fresh Crocodille Company, manufactures baguettes, sandwiches, panini, Smoothies and sweet products.

The main jobs that we are able to occupy in their respective fields include:

  • butchers, confectioners, bakers
  • slaughterhouse operators
  • machine operators
  • food gatherers
  • loading and unloading of goods
  • food packaging and repackaging
  • production line operators
  • stocking of goods
  • packers, warehousemen
  • workers
  • assistive workers
  • storekeepers of refrigerated stores
  • at temperature 0 – 8 – 20 °C
  • forklift drivers

For our service we provide a contractual guarantee. Each worker placed by us is in the withdrawal period after he starts working at the client. If the cooperation between a client and our employee terminates during the guarantee period for any reason, our job agency will ensure a new employee automatically and without compensation. The withdrawal period and other conditions of the guarantee are negotiated individually with the client. Depending on the current labor market conditions, we are able to occupy your desired job already in 5-10 business days.