Why use our services

Advantages of agency employment

JOB AGENCY NVJ-EU s.r.o., provides comprehensive services and solutions, thus saving time and money of its trading partners.

We support HR administration, payroll and the only concern of the user or client is to check the quality of work and affirmed the work done (either hourly or piecework).

Thanks to this strategy, JOB AGENCY NVJ-EU helps our clients find a qualified and experienced workers who meet their expectations from both the professional point of view, and in terms of their corporate culture.

The goal of our agency is to further develop our current achievements and provide services to all our business partners, that meet their changing requirements.

We are ready to adapt to the shift of your system and your work. Required number of newly hired employees, we are able to flexibly cover.

With this work system, we have already considerable experience, so we know what to do in case of any crisis or difficult situations.

10 benefits of working with us

  • flexibility, quality, speed and recklessness with the administration
  • interesting pricing policy
  • speed of realizitation of your order
  • working hours and working mode according to your specific needs and requirement
  • system guarantees for our services in the personnel area
  • possibility of using an extensive database of job seekers
  • own coordinator to ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the workplace, who is helpful to the workers and managers of the user
  • delivery of the employees to the place of work
  • training of an employee in the area of BOZP, PO, CO, OŽP
  • eventual abandonment of staff to permanent staff of the user

The current success of our job agency is based on regular and close contact with the user. We communicate regularly with representatives of our business partners, with HR and coordinators on topical issues, needs or solving problems in recruitment.